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November 2014 Condé Nast Traveler
Bora Bora: The Problem with Paradise

For me it was the colors of the place: My eyes feasted on them. To go from the monochromatic slush of an Idaho December to the emeralds, jades, and sapphires of French Polynesia was like falling overnight into a color-saturated dream. The viridescence of the palms, the sun-bleached teak of the walkways, the white sand that in places was as fine as cake flour—they were nutrients for the soul. The clouds kept up a blessed, ever-changing march; at dusk, golden and pink rays of sunlight shot through gaps in the shoulders of Otemanu and set its flanks on fire...
September 2014 Lauren Conrad
Jet Setter: The Coolest Honeymoon Destinations of 2014

Splurge alert! The Four Seasons in Bora Bora might cost a pretty penny, but those picturesque luxury huts floating above the water make it seem totally worth it...
September 2014 Islands Magazine
Top 10 Overwater Bungalows with the Best Views

There's no such thing as a "bad view" of Tahiti from the nearly two dozen overwater bungalows the Islands staff has inspected and stayed in. But these 10 rise above the others for their own special reasons...
August 2014 Travel Thru History

Our small group has joined Eddowes to view several marae. One features a platform from which arrows were shot. Success in archery was a way of demonstrating mana, or power. A family marae contained the jaw bones of defeated enemies. Another commemorated the chieftainship of a man who had usurped the position of his rival...
August 2014 Go World Travel
Cruising French Polynesia: Window on the South Pacific

My wife and I are taking a week-long cruise on board the Paul Gauguin, sailing westward from Tahiti through the Society Islands. The ship is both luxurious and intimate, carrying only 332 passengers in spacious cabins. We sail to some of the Pacific’s most fabled islands, all of them mountainous, lushly forested, and encircled by protective fringing reefs...
August 2014 Bon Appétit
Le Taha'a, Motu Tautau, French Polynesia

The dirty secret of the tropical-island vacation is that the setting is so gorgeous, the experience so blissful, that the food—whether it’s ambitious, disappointing, or simply ho-hum—rarely lingers in the memory. That’s not the case at Le Taha’a, a lush, private-island hotel in French Polynesia reachable only by private shuttle-boat, whose unexpectedly roomy over-water bungalows are set across a light-cerulean lagoon...
July 2014 Venue Reporter

The last full day on Bora Bora, we met up with this sweet couple, who were totally willing to let us snag them for a few hours, to showcase a real couple in this spectacular setting...
July 2014 Venue Reporter

In the South Pacific lies Bora Bora, a volcanic island that is also the most famous island in all of French Polynesia. Bora Bora is a magical place with moonlit beaches, pink hued sunrises, tropical flowers and views to infinity. On the white shimmering sand, sits The Four Seasons Resort. Lots of sipping, surfing, sunscreen and sunworshipping happens here...
July 2014 We Blog The World
6 Things To Explore In French Polynesia

For a trip back in time on the island of Tahiti, opt for a 4×4 tour of the Papenoo Valley with Marama Tours. The valley was the home of ancient Polynesians, situated in Tahiti’s lesser-traversed interior in a volcanic crater...
July 2014
Our Favorite Overwater Bungalows for Tahiti Honeymoons

Overwater bungalows in the Islands of Tahiti seem like the ultimate in romance, but is the reality truly as incredible as the fantasy? We hopped on a plane to find out! Our verdict:
June 2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Throwback Thursday: Marlon Brando Fell for Tahiti in the 1960s

A resort named The Brando will open July 1 on the French Polynesian atoll of Tetiaroa, bought by the actor in 1967: "For Marlon, Tetiaroa was his paradise," says Mike Medavoy, Brando's friend and co-executor of his estate...
June 2014 San Francisco Chronicle
New Tahitian eco-resort helps realize Marlon Brando’s ‘scientific vision’

In 1967, Brando completed his two-part purchase of Tetiaroa, a former retreat for Tahitian royals that lies about 33 miles north of Tahiti, and eventually built a small, rustic inn and what he hoped would become a marine research station...
May 2014 Travel + Leisure
Beautiful Beaches to Visit in 2014

This Polynesian atoll has all the ingredients of a castaway fantasy: a talcum-powder beach dotted with driftwood, palm trees for shade, and gently lapping translucent water. Marlon Brando spotted the 12 islets around a turquoise lagoon from his plane while on location to film Mutiny on the Bounty in the 1960s...
May 2014 Brides Magazine
The World's Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations

French Polynesia is number one! Few places on the globe inspire more awe than this group of 118 islands, which include, most famously, the emerald-carpeted outposts of The Islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora.
April 2014 Out Traveler
Ultimate Indulgence: A Private Boat in French Polynesia

It’s a rare person that can resist the warmth of white sands, the sparkle of crystal waters and the luxury of a beachside resort. Being stranded on a tropical island with nothing but fish, fruit, and a sexy native is a fantasy we all have envisioned...
March 2014 New York Post
Fall in love with Tahiti along the Route de Monoi

You haven’t truly seen color until you’ve been to French Polynesia. This chain of 118 islands is scattered from Manuae to Mangaravea, covers the size of Europe and is surrounded by the gin-clear, sapphire South Pacific and lush green flora...
March 2014 Fox News
Find paradise in French Polynesia

The 118 islands of French Polynesia, which include Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, are the stuff dreams and bucket lists are made of. Treasured for its exclusivity and remote locale, French Polynesia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But this “remote paradise” is not as far away as you might think...
March 2014 Parade
Enchanting French Polynesia! 50+ Ways This Exotic Paradise Will Seduce You

Searching for a sun-kissed paradise or just fantasizing about it? Pin French Polynesia, in the South Pacific Ocean, on your dream travel map...
February 2014 Fodor's Travel
Top 5 Romantic Tropical Cruises for 2014

Couples planning honeymoons and special anniversary vacations almost always consider a trip to Tahiti and all of the Society Islands within the boundaries of French Polynesia...
February 2014 Yahoo Travel
The best all-inclusive resorts in the world

Accepted wisdom says that all-inclusive resorts are for tourists, not true travelers, who wouldn't be caught dead sipping coladas on the beach side of a fence built to keep out local color. But inclusives aren't all defined by buffet lines, pools overrun with children, and watery cocktails...
February 2014 Us Weekly
Sean Low and Catherine Giudice's Exclusive Honeymoon Photos!

Check out these exclusive photos showing how the newlyweds spent their honeymoon on the romantic island of Bora Bora!
February 2014 Los Angeles Times
Amorous Escapes

Experience sun-kissed South Seas bliss in a luxurious over-water bungalow on a secluded islet at Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa ( in French Polynesia.
February 2014 mySA
Romance awaits in French Polynesia

Paradise is a lot closer than you think. Surprisingly, Tahiti is only an eight-hour nonstop flight from Los Angeles on Air Tahiti Nui.
February 2014 Men's Journal
Motu Teta: Best All-Inclusive Resorts

Leave Bora Bora's all-inclusive resorts to the honeymooners and escape to a villa on Motu Teta, a nine-acre private islet in Tahiti's remote Tuamotu Archipelago...
January 2014 SUP Magazine
Attitude and Adventure at Bora Bora KXT Ironmana

When asked to give three words to describe his experience at the Bora Bora KXT Ironmana Liquid Festival in, Tahiti, Brennan Rose responded:...
January 2014 Forbes Travel Guide
Your Guide To French Polynesia's Tuamotus Islands

Tahiti? Been there. Bora Bora? Done that. Though it’s hard to tire of these well-loved South Pacific destinations, there’s more to French Polynesia than these oft-visited isles.
January 2014 Forbes Travel Guide
Where To Eat Now In French Polynesia

Whether you’re searching for that perfect spot to sit while watching the sunset or the best place for poisson cru (Tahiti’s signature cured fish dish), French Polynesia serves some deliciously exotic food experiences.
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