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Easier to travel to than most imagine, Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport is only an eight-hour flight from Los Angeles with daily nonstop flights. Tahiti is halfway between Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia, in the same time zone as Hawaii and on the same side of the International Date Line as North America.

The most visited of the archipelagoes is the Society Islands — home to Bora Bora, Moorea, Taha’a and the largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti. The Society Islands are a group of high, tropical lush islands encircled by coral reefs — offering beautiful azure blue and turquoise lagoons, the world’s most ideal location for Tahiti’s signature overwater bungalow.

Traditional Tahitian Wedding Ceremony

The planning for a traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony generally begins at least 45 days prior to the ceremony. The marriage is civil and is sealed at a city hall with the mayor and an interpreter, if needed. Wedding ceremonies can take place either on a beach or at a resort (some resorts have overwater chapels). Weddings are typically followed by a traditional Tahitian feast. Although there are variations depending on location, the following is a general description of traditional Tahitian wedding ceremonies throughout the islands of Tahiti. Customized ceremonies are also available upon request.

While the guests are in their bungalow, the priest’s assistants will come to dress up the bride and groom with white pareu (painted wraps, like sarongs). The couple is adorned with specially created flower crowns and leis. The ceremony includes traditional gowns, a priest, a group of dancers and musicians, tropical flower arrangements, leis and crowns and a wedding certificate made of traditional “tapa”. The couple is then wrapped in a “Tifaifai” (Tahitian quilt) following the ceremony. After the ceremony, a cocktail is served to the couple. A romantic dinner can be prepared on a secluded, private islet, on the beach, or at a restaurant especially for the wedding couple. A professional photographer takes pictures of the ceremony. A memorable "tapa" with the couples’ joint Tahitian name will be given to commemorate this unforgettable occasion.

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